Mobile Vehicle Inspections/ Pre Purchase Inspections

Are you looking to buy a vehicle but want to know the overall health of the vehicle before you buy it? This is the service for you as we go to your location to perform our Multi-Point Vehicle inspection. Below are a couple of things we check for when Inspecting.


We check for fluid levels to make sure everything is up to spec and at the correct level for optimum operation


We also do a thorough Suspension check to make sure vehicle safety is where it should be. This includes brake, strut/shocks, tie rods, links, control arms, ball joints, and axles.


Inspection of the undercarriage is just as important because many wires, lines, and hoses travel up and down your vehicle which can be damaged if not checked.


We understand that part of buying a vehicle is the condition of the interior. That is why we test every button we can to ensure that they work as intended, along with seat, carpet, dash, and console condition.